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On Sylt, Swimming is a Must Regardless of Weather

We asked readers who've traveled to Germany about their experiences and they shared some tips about their favorite destinations. Have you been to Germany, too? Click on the link below to tell us about your trip.

Nikolai Ivanov

Nikolai Ivanov likes to swim, no matter what the weather

Nikolai Ivanov, 21, is a student from St. Petersburg, Russia.

My favorite destination in Germany: The island of Sylt in North Frisia

My preferred accommodation: Youth hostels

A perfect day on Sylt: It's a beautiful summer day, but I still put on a windbreaker before I go out -- not because it's supposed to rain, but because there's a constant stormy wind on the island, even in the summer. On Sylt, you have to go swimming every day -- no matter what the weather's like. The best place to swim is called Puan Klent and there's a great beach there. Every time I stand at the water, the same thing happens: It's rather chilly, it's windy and the waves are big. I have to hurry. I take off my windbreaker and dive into the water, which is always very clean. It's an unforgettable feeling!

After my swim, I go over to the other side of the island -- to the Wadden Sea mudflats. People say that the mud from the Wadden Sea has a healing effect. Wading through it is fun! In the evening, I enjoy drinking a cup of coffee in a cozy beach cafe in the village Hörnum -- next to the famous lighthouse.

I tend to spend my money on: Postcards, souvenirs, food and drink.

My tip: Don't just stick to typical tourist places. In every city or region, try to find something new -- old ruins off the beaten path perhaps, or simply a pub where the locals gather. Only then can you have the feeling that you've really "discovered" Germany.

Where I want to visit next: I would like to travel to Berlin and Munich.

What I like best about Germany: The friendliness of the people. And being able to relive the fairy tales of times gone by in Germany's medieval cities.


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