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Olga Lozano, Colombia

Olga Lozano is a Colombian journalist who started her career in traditional media but changed her trajectory in 2000 to explore digital journalism. Since then, she has devoted much of her time to experimenting in new journalistic forms and gives lectures throughout Latin America. She is a founder and creative director at La Silla Vacía (The Empty Chair), an online news platform combining political analysis, blogging, and citizen journalism, from where "Proyecto Rosa," the winning Latin American entry, was launched.

Juanita León is La Silla Vacía's director and co-founder and is a journalist and author. She created the platform as an independent alternative to Colombia's existing news media, which has strong ties to the country's political and economic elite. Marcela Peláez is a journalist and writer who has worked on leading Colombian digital media sites and helped launch "Proyecto Rosa." Today she is working on a web series and integrating brands with audiovisual content created for the web.

The flash animation site, "Proyecto Rosa" aims to shine light on the victims of Colombia's forced land evictions and the often overlooked "disappeared," consequences of the country’s long and bloody civil war. It tells the stories of those who continue to fight for their rights against great odds and personal danger. The Rosa of the title is Rosa Amelia Hernández, who was driven from her land in 2001 but fought back, building a network of victims, lawyers and supporters. Showing remarkable courage, she has said, "Even if they kill me, it was worth it." The website's multimedia content is based on solid reporting, but incorporates artistic elements, music and videos to show that, in Lozano's words, "well-done journalism is also art."

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