′Old′ Rail Card Reports Brisk Sales | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 15.08.2003
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'Old' Rail Card Reports Brisk Sales

Two weeks after bringing back the much beloved 'old' rail card, which gives passengers a 50 percent reduction on rail travel over the weekend, Deutsche Bahn is reporting heavy sales. According to figures released by the company on Friday, it sold more than 160,000 of the new 'old' cards in the first fourteen days. The 'new' 25 percent reduction cards which replaced the original 50 percent rebate cards last year were decidedly less popular, with sales at just 49,000. Deutsche Bahn had to bring back the 'old' Bahn Card on August 1st following wide spread dissatisfaction with the new pricing system and a sharp drop in sales. "The sales figures show that our customers are happy with the new system and that we made the right decision," said Jürgen Büchy, head of marketing.

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