Off the pitch: Hanover vs. Braunschweig | All media content | DW | 08.11.2013
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Kick off!

Off the pitch: Hanover vs. Braunschweig

Supporters of these two sides loathe each other. They have the bitterest rivalry in German football, one that makes Schalke and Dortmund clashes look like a positive love-in. But for the past two decades, Hanover and Braunschweig hadn't faced up. Next weekend will change all that. This is their first Bundesliga clash in 37 years.

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Hanover won the last match-up 2:0. As both sides steel themselves for the weekend, two members of the KickOff team lock horns. Nils is a Hanover fan, Marc is a Braunschweig diehard. Together, they travel back to their old childhood haunts, seeking an explanation for their team's notorious rivalry.