Obama says US has to ′do something′ about guns | News | DW | 28.11.2015
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Obama says US has to 'do something' about guns

President Barack Obama has said the US must tackle the nation's gun problem after a shooting rampage at a women's healthcare provider left three dead. Nearly 30,000 people die every year in the US from gun violence.

"We have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period," Obama said Saturday in a statement. "Enough is enough."

One police officer from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and two civilians were killed and nine people were injured, including five police officers, after a gunman opened fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic on Friday.

After a five-hour standoff, the 57-year-old gunman, of South Carolina, turned himself in.

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Shooting at US family planning center

Obama revealed for the first time the accused had used a military style assault rifle, which are relatively easy to buy under the United States' loose gun laws.

Police have not addressed possible motives in the attack, but it was the first on an abortion provider in six years.

In addition to providing healthcare screenings and treatments, Planned Parenthood clinics offer abortions. The hot-button political issue of abortion has caused controversy among conservatives and Republicans, many of which oppose stronger gun regulation.

The president did not say what particular steps he believed should be taken to curb gun violence, and has made similar statements following other mass shootings.

Groups pushing for gun reform call for enhanced background checks, restrictions on military style assault rifles and closing loop-holes in the law that allow criminals or people with mental illnesses to purchase weapons at gun shows without going through a background check.

Nearly 30,000 people die every year in the United States from gun violence.

cw/rc (AFP, Reuters)

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