O Christmas Tree | DocFilm | DW | 27.11.2015
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O Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is famous the world over. But where do the trees grow? And what special care do they need before they decorate our homes over the festive season?

27.11.2015 DW Doku Tanne03neu

Christmas tree decorations are lovingly created in the small German town of Lauscha.

In Tempelberg, a small town in the German state of Brandenburg, trees are planted to be used to decorate living rooms at Christmas. Every spring, some 5000 small trees are planted that need replanting several times in the first years of their growth. It takes eight to ten years before they are ready for harvesting. At pre-Christmas markets all over Germany you can buy different kinds of trees in all sizes. But some people prefer to cut down the trees themselves.

27.11.2015 DW Doku Tanne02neu

Professional tree decorators are available for anyone who is stressed out by the preparations for the big day.

Once you get the tree home, it needs decorating. Craftsmen in the small town of Lauscha produce a wide variety of Christmas decorations including glass birds, swans and Santas.

For all of you who are celebrating, a very merry Christmas!

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