North Koreans Take Refuge in German School in Beijing | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 23.02.2004
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North Koreans Take Refuge in German School in Beijing

Eight peope who described themselves as North Korean asylum-seekers sought refuge in a school on German embassy property in Beijing on Monday. "We are trying to find a quick solution to the case," an embassy spokesman said. No information has been available as to the refugees' identities or how they managed to penetrate the embassy grounds. Beijing is obliged by an agreement with Pyongyang to send North Korean asylum-seekers home. On many occasions, however, China has permitted North Koreans who sought asylum in foreign embassies to leave the country. In September 2002, 15 North Korean refugees fled to the German School. After days of negotiations, the group was allowed to leave China for South Korea via a third country.