′No′ Vote Would not Finish EU Constitution | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 23.08.2004
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'No' Vote Would not Finish EU Constitution

British politicians disagree on what the public's decision would really mean for the future of the constitution.

Britain's incoming commissioner, Peter Mandelson, has said a vote against the European Constitution would not mean the whole project would fail. In an interview with the BBC, Mandelson said if UK or France rejected the constitution it would spark a "major crisis," but it wouldn't be the end if voters concerns were addressed. "It doesn't mean abandoning the project," the trade commissioner designate said. The opposition was quick to criticize Mandelson's view. "If, as we expect, there is a 'no' vote in the referendum, he must accept that that is the end of this wretched and dangerous constitution," Michael Ancram, opposition foreign affairs spokesman, said. Ratification of the constitution is one of the big issues facing the union. Several member states, including France, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands, have committed themselves to asking their citizens' opinion on the treaty. ( EUobserver.com)

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