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Our Experts

No more snoring! Our studio guest on this edition is Prof. Dr. Thomas Penzel, an expert on sleep disorders

Our expert on sleep disorders from Berlin explains why we snore, tells us what therapies can help and shares his tips.

01.08.2012 DW FIT UND GESUND Dr. Thomas Penzel

Stop snoring - Dr. Thomas Penzel in our studio interview

Dr. Thomas Penzel works at the Interdisplinary Medical Sleep Centre at the Charité Teaching Hospital Berlin.  Snoring can be completely harmless, but it also causes a rise in blood pressure, putting strain on the heart and circulation – this can prove fatal. Therefore, chronic snorers should undergo a check up.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Penzel
Campus Charité Mitte
Schlafmedizinisches Zentrum
D – 10117 Berlin

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