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Nneota Egbe and Joy Doreen Biira

Nneota Egbe has spent the past seven years as an anchor, reporter and producer for Channels Television in Lagos, Nigeria. Joy Doreen Biira is currently working with DW's partner KTN as a reporter/anchor in Nairobi/Kenya.

The Uganda born media personality startetd co-hosting Eco@Africa in January 2017 to take over from Edith Kimani who  joined the DW News. 

Nneota Egbe has worked on a variety of different shows covering current affairs, cultural and environmental topics.

As the presenter of eco@africa,
 he believes it is important to live with an awareness of green issues. He greatly enjoys spending time in the natural world, and has even been known to turn his hand to making clothes.

Channels TV is a DW partner.

Joy Doreen Biira is a self confessed environmentalist. In 2010 she campaigned for the "31 million Ugandans, 31 Million Trees" initiative against global warming.

She believes that since the world is talking more seriously about the environment, this is the right time for eco@africa

KTN is a DW partner. 

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