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Living Planet

Nina Haase

Born and raised in a small town between the picturesque Münsterland and the industrial Ruhr regions in Western Germany, Nina developed a curiosity for different environments, places, and people at an early age. During high school several exchange programs brought her to England, France, Israel and Russia and made her form the dream of working in an intercultural environment. After completing high school she studied Applied Languages Europe (English and French) in Cologne, Aix-en-Provence and Liverpool and went on to do an MBA in International Management and Intercultural Communications in Cologne, Aix-en-Provence and Jacksonville, Florida.

Since Nina joined the English Service of Deutsche Welle Radio in spring 2005, she has worked on several magazine programs and has become an integral member of the "Living Planet" team under senior editor Irene Quaile. In December 2006, Nina compiled a twenty-minute feature about the effects of the uranium mining industry on Australia's indigenous people. Nina enjoys singing and making music, as well as concerts, dancing, running, traveling, and of course chatting with friends in this inevitable blur of languages that comes with working in an intercultural environment!