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Niersbach re-elected as president of Germany's DFB soccer association

The German Football Federation (DFB) has approved Wolfgang Niersbach as its president for another three years. The decision comes only a day after Niersbach announced Germany’s bid to host the Euro 2024 championship.

Niersbach was the only candidate at the DFB congress on Friday and was unanimously voted in by the 259 delegates to head the organization until 2016.

"I am delighted with the clear result and the trust shown to me," Niersbach told reporters. "It is great to have the full backing of all national and regional federations and for me it is a nod to continue down the road we started."

The 62-year-old former sports journalist has held the post since being elected to replace Theo Zwanziger in 2012. During his tenure, Germany has bid to host matches during the 2020 Euro championships, which are being held in numerous countries across the continent.

"This job brings more pleasure than frustration and I am ready for another three years," Niersbach added.

Bid for Euro 2024

On Thursday, Niersbach announced that Germany would submit a bid for the Euro 2024 tournament. The move was described as surprisingly early by UEFA President Michel Platini, who also said that Germany was a "strong candidate."

West Germany hosted the European Championship in 1988 and also staged the World Cup in 1974. Following reunification, German hosted the World Cup in 2006.

The next Euro championship in 2016 sees France as host, while the 2020 tournament will be played in 13 cities across the continent to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the competition.

Germany has put forward a package to host matches for Euro 2020, with Munich as its candidate city.

rc/ph (dpa, Reuters)