Niederegger: Seven Generations of Marzipan Makers | Family Business | DW | 25.11.2008
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Family Business

Niederegger: Seven Generations of Marzipan Makers

For many the name Niederegger is synonymous with marzipan and the northern German city of Lübeck. The company's logo even features the city's famous Holsten Gate.


Niederegger is a family business now in its seventh generation. Times have changed since the company was founded in 1806, but their recipe for marzipan remains the same. Owner Holger Strait says the secret is in the rose water. What he's unwilling to reveal is Niederegger's turnover, which is estimated to be somewhere between 100- and 200 million euros a year. Strait is proud to admit that the firm, which employs some 500 permanent staff and 200 seasonal workers, has never made a loss. Joachim Eggers paid a visit to Niederegger, exporter of marzipan to over 40 countries.

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