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The 66 year-old Iraqi dictator was captured by US troops hiding in a hole near his home town of Tikrit late on Saturday. DW's Newslink marks this historic turning point in post-war Iraq with special weekend editions.


Before and after - images of Saddam Hussein released by the U.S. Army on Sunday. The beard was shaved off after his arrest near his Tikrit home Saturday night. (AP Photo/U.S. Army HO)

President George W. Bush, cautiously marking a
major milestone in the Iraq war, said Saddam Hussein's capture "marks the end of the road for him" but not the end of violence in Iraq. In brief televised remarks at the White House, Mr Bush said the Iraqi leader will "face the justice he denied to millions" but gave no details on what will now happen to him.

Leading members of the US backed Iraqi Governing Council say they want to put Saddam Hussein on trial. He may face the death penalty as he answers for a three decade reign of terror and for leading his oil rich nation into three disastrous wars.

Worldwide jubilation at the capture of Saddam Hussein showed how friendless the fugitive Iraqi dictator was. Even France, Russia, Germany and the world's most populous Muslim nation Indonesia, all fierce opponents of the U.S.-led war to oust Saddam, lauded his arrest by American forces who seized him without firing a shot.

Special Editions of Newslink:
Sunday 14th December
UTC: 17.05 - 17.15, 19.05 - 19.15, 21.05 - 21.15, 23.05 -23.15
Monday 15th December
01.05 - 01.15, 03.05 - 03.15, 05.05 - 05.15
These special editions replace our advertised programmes Hard to Beat and Religion and Society.

Listen to interview of the day with Peter Philipp (below)

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