New iPhone Sold Out in Germany | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 17.07.2008
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New iPhone Sold Out in Germany

Barely a week after going on sale, the new iPhone is already sold out in Germany. Many Apple addicts are likely to have to wait quite a while before being able to satisfy their need for the company's latest gadget.

A woman holds a new iPhone

The object of affection

Spokespeople for German cell phone service provider T-Mobile said that all of their stores were completely sold out and even secondary resellers of T-Mobile contracts had only a few phones left.

T-Mobile is the exclusive cell phone provider chosen by Apple to sell its phone. Company officials said they had no clue when they'd be getting new deliveries. They added that several thousand people had already pre-ordered the phone.

The new iPhone 3G, which first went on sale in Germany on July 11, updates the previous iPhone with much faster connection speeds and built-in GPS, but many analysts believe the most significant update is the new software that allows users access to thousands of applications developed by third parties and available through Apple's online store.

T-Mobile and authorized resellers sold more than 15,000 phones on the first day -- 5,000 more than with the first version of the phone. Apple officials said that one million phones were sold worldwide on the first weekend and analysts believe that 10.5 million people will by the gadget this year.

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