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New Episode in Bond Adventure

The shooting of the 20th James Bond film is to be launched on Friday. One change has already been revealed - Bond will switch cars, from BMW to Aston Martin.

Actors Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry were on hand on Friday as the producers kicked off the start of the 20th Bond film with a press conference in London.

The film marks the 40th anniversary of the famous series which began in 1962 with Dr. No starring actor Sean Connery.

The new film is the latest episode in the longest running and most successful adventure in cinema history.

No name

The movie, which will be directed by Lee Tamahori and is said to take place in Great Britain, Iceland, Hawaii and Spain, still has no name. At the press conference, Brosnan told Journalists to tell him if they had a good suggestion.

The film will be produced by Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, daughter of Cubby Broccoli, who brought Ian Fleming’s spy to the big screen, and who died in 1996.

Film star Pierce Brosnan agreed to take on the role of star agent James Bond for the fourth time.

And Brosnan will be accompanied by a familiar face: British actor and comedy star John Cleese, who has announced he will play the part of "Q", Bond’s helpful friend and live-saving gadgets expert.

Car change

Apart from a row of weird and wonderful new gadgets, Bond will also be driving a new car.

After three missions behind the wheel of a BMW, James Bond is back in a British-made Aston Martin.

The Aston Martin, a V12 Vanquish with a 6.0 litre engine, can accerlerate spys in distress to 100 kmph in 5 seconds.

According to producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli "James Bond and the British Aston Martin car have had a long and successful partnership in our films".

"We are delighted to welcome the latest model, the Aston Martin Vanquish, to appear in the 20th film of the series."

The Brosnan-era was until now defined by a series of BMWs. German car maufacturer BMW shelled out millions for the right to outfit agent 007 with their cars. In Goldeneye Brosnan debuted in the new BMW Z3, which subsequently became a best-seller for the company. A few years later Bond drove the 750 in Tomorrow Never Dies, a more stately car that Bond was able to drive using his cell phone.

Last Bond film for Brosnan

Rumours, that the 20th Bond film may be Pierce Brosnan’s last, were confirmed by the actor himself on Friday.

Last year, prior to the announcement of the start of a new film, various names surfaced in reports about who could become the next Bond, including actor Russell Crowe and pop musician Robbie Williams.

At the launch of the new James Bond film, Brosnan said acting Bond needing stamina, and that he wanted to leave the stage in dignity.