Nepal: Radio Reporting | Asia | DW | 17.06.2008
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Nepal: Radio Reporting

A long-term project linking DW Akademie with Radio Sagarmatha, Nepal's first independent broadcaster.

Two journalists sit at a table

Following successful workshops, in-house training courses and other coaching, Radio Sagarmatha asked DW Akademie for further on-location training.

In 2007, twelve Nepalese journalists arrived in Kathmandu for a three-week training on the basic techniques of radio reporting of current events. The journalists learned how to identify topics for news shows and how to make them accessible to their audience. They were taught that scheduled events, such press conferences, need not just be broadcast in their entirety, but rather used as a peg for a report with a broader scope.

With the help and support of DW Akademie trainers, the participants produced reports for a news show at the end of the training.

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