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Nearly 70 arrested after left-wing riots in Hamburg

The northern German city of Hamburg has been hit by heavy rioting overnight as up to 1,000 left-wing activists and anarchists clashed with police after a street festival in central parts of Germany's second-largest city.

German riot police pictured in front the culture center Rote Flora after clashes at a demonstration in Hamburg

Hamburg police have been called to the Schanzenviertel several times before

Some 3,000 people had come to the street festival in the city's Schanzenviertel area, which remained largely peaceful until around 10pm when a group reportedly began throwing bottles and fireworks at police and setting up barricades, a police spokesman said.

A police car was set alight before 67 rioters were arrested, police said, adding that 18 were still being detained. Police reported that 27 officers were injured in the violence, with three requiring hospitalization.

As many as 1,800 police were called in to break up the riots, which saw the use of water canons and batons to subdue the violent crowds.

The Schanzenviertel is known for left-wing street festivals and has witnessed several violent clashes in past years requiring a police presence.

Editor: Andreas Illmer

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