Nature Becomes a Lifestyle in Germany, Trend Scouts Say | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 28.08.2008
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Nature Becomes a Lifestyle in Germany, Trend Scouts Say

Hippies and bird watchers traditionally nurture a love of nature, but according to a new study, "nature" is now hip in society as a whole.

White flowers

Nature is having a widespread influence, say experts

"Nature is no longer seen as an abstract concept but is becoming an increasingly integral part of our style of living," said trend scouts Anja Kirig and Ingrid Schick of the Institute for Future in Kelkeim in Hesse state.

The experts have coined the term "Neo-Nature" to describe a movement which they believe is permeating the worlds of fashion, interior design and garden landscaping.

Baby giraffe

Nature offers plenty of patterns to choose from

The development cannot be attributed to the upsurge of interest in outdoor activities alone, say the researchers.

Gardens are now seen as lifestyle refuge locations while luxury fashion is incorporating a growing number of functional elements.

The term nature is no longer seen as "twee and sentimental" but is used to denote discerning, active consumers who know how to combine "health and enjoyment," said the experts.

The modern perception of nature has far more to do with urban aesthetics than with flora and fauna, they concluded.

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