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Namibia Receives German Rock Art

German archaeologists have given some 43,000 copies of rock art paintings, including the renowned White Lady of the Brandberg Mountain, to Namibia to help preserve the

ancient art. Experts from the University of Cologne launched a research project in 1963 to record the rock art by copying the drawings onto foils including the so-called White Lady, a figure in white leggings carrying a lotus flower that is said to be 2,000 years old. "The documentation in the form of copies of these unique pieces of ancient art in Namibia will now find their place at the National Archives of Namibia, their natural home," said University of Cologne rector Tassilo Kupper at the opening of an international rock art conference in Windhoek on Monday. "I hope that these foils will create further interest in Namibian rock art and serve as a good basis to support archaeology in Namibia," Kupper said.

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