Nachlader - Pop Music with a Message | Newcomer Portrait | DW | 07.06.2010
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Newcomer Portrait

Nachlader - Pop Music with a Message

Berlin musician Daniel Baumann is the man behind Nachlader, a German electro-pop project featuring lyrics that combine humor with political commentary.


The name Nachlader comes from a function on Baumann’s old Commodore 64 computer. Nachlader took off in 2004 with videos of the band’s first singles running around the clock on MTV. One year later, a Nachlader song became the soundtrack of best-selling video game “FIFA Soccer 2005”. But shortly after the release of the first album, the band’s record company went bankrupt. Since then, Daniel Baumann has produced and promoted his own music, following up with a new, second album. Nachlader won the support of the German government’s music intitiative aimed at promoting young artists.

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