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My Oberstdorf - Alejandra Göttling and Eberhard Fink from Salta, Argentina

Federal State Bavaria

We accompanied our viewer Alejandra Göttling from Salta, Argentina for a day on her trip to Oberstdorf, Germany.

Last November Alejandra Göttling married Eberhard Fink, who had emigrated from Germany to Argentina a few years ago. The destination they chose for their honeymoon was a place known for the beauty of its mountains, valleys, lakes and brooks: the Allgäu region of the Bavarian Alps. Eberhard Fink had once been there as a child and found it so beautiful he wanted to show it to his new wife.

Their first stop was Oberstdorf, in the winter a ski resort and in the summer a holiday paradise for hikers. The weather may have been rainy on they day the Göttling-Finks visited, but couple weren't about to let anything spoil their honeymoon.

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