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My Kochel am See - Kirk Rutter, a London IT specialist, profiles his favourite spot in upper Bavaria

Federal State Schleswig-Holstein


Kirk Rutter is 37 and a great fan of Germany. He's been to Munich nine times and still finds it completely fascination. This time, he also went to Kochel am See, a small town with just 4,000 residents. The most famous of Kochel's sons was the German expressionist painter Franz Marc, who is commemorated with a museum in the town. That was the reason Kirk went to Kochel in the first place. We followed him around for a day.

"Discover Germany" viewer Kirk Rutter from London thinks Munich is great, but he also enjoys Nature. So this time he's exploring Germany's towns and countryside by bike.

"Discover Germany" met Kirk in Kochel am See, where he planned to visit the Marc Museum. The Englishman was very taken by the small town and its picturesque surroundings.

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