My.... Bamberg – Brett Tabor from Montreal, Canada | My | DW | 23.04.2008
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My.... Bamberg – Brett Tabor from Montreal, Canada

Federal State Bavaria


Canadian Brett Tabor is a travel specialist; that’s his job at home in Montreal. But here in Germany he is a tourist. We’ll accompany him on his tour of Bamberg. The first stop is Bamberg’s spectacular old city. It is Germany’s largest intact historic city center and in 1993 was put on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list. Bamberg is known far and wide for its diverse and independent beer-brewing tradition. So Brett Tabor tries out one of Bamberg’s beer specialty called "Schlenkerla", a spicy smoked beer, and he tastes typical Bavarian culinary treats. Bamberg, with a population of 70,000, is located in Franconia, a region in the state of Bavaria.

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