Muslim Peacekeepers for Iraq? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 25.05.2004
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Muslim Peacekeepers for Iraq?

German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder recently suggested sending Muslim peacekeepers to Iraq to help stabilize the country. DW-WORLD readers comment on the proposal.


Could Muslim troops do a better job?

I agree that neither the countries of the present American-led coalition nor the NATO countries will likely be successful in stabilizing the situation in Iraq. Al Qaeda's claims that America is exercising a geopolitik strategy to control middle east oil and cower Iraq's neighbours seems to be widely accepted in much of the Muslim media, whatever the truth of the matter. Continued uncritical support for Israel by the West is perceived as yet another attempt to sustain a "Crusader State" in the holy land. Our good intentions are not trusted. But how can Muslim countries be seen to participate in this American adventure? Some form of Muslim government with accepted historical precedents, not purely western style liberal democracy, has a chance for acceptance by the various factions of the Iraqi populace. Otherwise there may be a risk of continued unrest leading eventually to civil war, intervention by neighboring countries and partition. -- Daniel Allen, Canada

I think it's useless to replace the peacekeeping mission with another in Iraq. -- Ayman Yunes

It is interesting to compare the reaction in European media to a few of Saddam's thugs having underwear put over their heads and an innocent American having his head chopped off. I note in Le Monde that "world reaction to the 'torture' is the same as the beheading." So there you have it. The reason Americans are less and less interested in the opinions of Europeans who can only snipe from the sidelines. Apparently by which actions they seem to feel they are being helpful. Stay the course in Iraq. We cannot let terrorists dictate the foreign policy of either the United States or Germany and European countries. We have put too much investment (both monetarily and militarily) into Iraq to leave now. We must finish the job. The U.S. and foreign soldiers that gave their lives for the freedom of Iraqi citizens would not be honored by leaving Iraq. -- Jl Ronish

There is no doubt in my mind that Muslim peacekeepers are needed in Iraq to try and help stabilize the situation there. The current U.S. president and his administration has no regard for international law or repsect of it. This is why the United States is in it's worst international crisis ever in my opinion. Iraq needs to be put on a path to sovereignty, a path that the Iraqi people can follow and believe in. The less U.S. involvement going forward, the more legitimate change will be. The only question is, how to do it. -- Ron Weiss

I think that Muslim peacekeepers would help, but only if the U.S. removes all of its' troops and turns over all control of oil to a new, sovereign Iraqi government. I don't see the U.S. doing these latter things. The U.S. wants a presence in the Middle East and now that the U.S. military is out of Saudi Arabia, Iraq is the only nation where it has a huge presence. -- Louise Legun

No more suggestions from Germany, France and Russia -- the major players who were in bed with Saddam. -- Jon Whelan

No, unless the Iraqi people request that and only if the forces sent do not become occupying forces and act like the coalition forces. Invading Iraq was a setback for the western democracy that cries fool when a Jewish or Christian is murdered anywhere in the world but seems to care less about the murder of innocent Iraqi and Palestinian men, women and children at the hands of the Israeli and coaltion forces in Iraq. Before the wWest preach democracy and human rights to third world countries it needs to look at its own record and realize that double standards don't serve the interests of peace in the middle east. -- H. Masri

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