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Multiple deaths after train collides with truck in Bavaria

A passenger train has struck a heavy duty truck killing two people and seriously injuring four. Authorities say the vehicle may have been stuck on the railway tracks.

Authorities said a flatbed truck hauling a military vehicle was hit by a regional passenger train late Thursday at a railway crossing in Bavaria.

Preliminary reports say at least two bodies had been found and four people were seriously injured in the crash and subsequent explosion. About 40 people were on the train when it struck the vehicle, which may have been stuck on the tracks, police said.

"It hurtled into the truck at 100 km per hour [62 mph] without braking," a spokesman for the police was quoted as saying by the Focus Online news site.

Feuerwehrleute an der Ungücksstelle bei Freihung (Foto: dpa)

Firefighters and medics attend to the scene of the fiery crash late Thursday night in the small town of Freihung in southern Germany.


The accident occurred in Feihung, a German town of about 2,500 people near the border with the Czech Republic.

Police say both truck drivers were killed while four people aboard the regional passenger train sustained severe injuries. The rest were shaken but not seriously harmed.

Freihung is about 70 kilometers (44 miles) northeast of Nuremberg in the southern German state of Bavaria.

jar/sms (AP, dpa)