Mujić, Ženet | Speakers | DW | 15.04.2011
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Mujić, Ženet

Senior Adviser to the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media


Ženet Mujić is currently senior advisor to the OSCE representative on Freedom of the Media for whom she covers the free flow of information and pluralism on the Internet. She is also the focal point for media developments in South East Europe. Before assuming this position, she worked in Kosovo, Moldova and Croatia. In Pristina, she coordinated the work of the media unit of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo where she helped in the creation of a media framework concentrating on legislative, regulatory and educational aspects. She has published several articles in the field of international relations and conflict prevention including "Public Diplomacy and the OSCE in the Age of Post-international Politics", "The OSCE Mission to Croatia: The View from Zagreb" and “The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media - An Intergovernmental Watchdog: An Oxymoron?”.

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