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Muhammad from Nigeria

Sport and peace. Muhammad doesn’t miss a thing, not even at night – because DW is at his side.

First name: Muhammad
City / Country: Katsina / Nigeria
Year of birth: 1980

First thing in the morning, I think about what happened around the world over night.

With DW I associate to be connected with other countries through shortwave and the internet.

My first experience with DW was through the radio program “Hello Africa” in which listeners’ greetings and music requests used to be aired.

I am very interested in topics, such as sports, riddles, culture, religion and education.

I use DW via shortwave and the internet.

This year I think a lot about sports and peace around the world.

My wishes for the future are to visit DW in Bonn and to be able to live in a peaceful world without all these conspiracies.

Sent by: Muhammad from Nigeria
Edited by: Jeanette Müller