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Mourning the Love Parade

There's still a glimmer of hope that the world's largest techno music party will survive. But just in case it doesn't, many DW-WORLD readers expressed their sorrow over the parade's demise.


Still hopping in 2003.

I am sad to hear of the cancellation of the Love Parade. I live in New York and was actually planning to come over to Berlin for it. I agree with the decline of techno music in the United States here as well. Out of my friends, I am the only one who listens to it. Yet, when I was in Europe, I found this to be untrue. It still seems to be very popular over there. There is still a following in the U.S., yet it seems to be more underground. Maybe next year they will revive the Love Parade! -- Gina Bouchard, USA

I was planning to visit Berlin this summer and attend the Love Parade. If it's cancelled, Berlin will be excluded of my tour, maybe the entire country. I'm sure that this party will survive, if not in Berlin, in another more progressive city (Paris?). -- Marcelo, Chile

Techno music will be alive in our hearts forever. Save the Love Parade, the biggest techno manifestation in the world. Berlin never will be the same without Love Parade and will be eliminated from out list of holiday destinations. -- Alejandro Oyarzún, Chile

So the first time I come to Berlin for the Love Parade, it has been cancelled. An event like the Love Parade can become a world event, indeed it already is, rather like the Rio Carnival or the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Of course the Berlin authorities should bankroll the event: Think of the tourism funds! Berlin is a beautiful city and needs to become a great tourist city like Paris and London. -- Graham Smith

Thank God, the love parade is finished -- at least I hope so. What a degrading spectacle it was. It should have been banned years ago. It was disgusting all aspects. The garbage left behind was unbelieveable and the illegal drugs just showed you how far Germany has fallen in the gutter. -- Erni Stetz

I am absolutely gutted to hear that this year's parade has been cancelled. I have always wanted to go but never got round to it. I finally booked flights and now I cancelled them. Techno music is far from being dead and I think it should still go ahead. -- Hayley Peckett

It would be a shame if the Love Parade was gone. I lived in Berlin for a while and plan to return, I was hoping to attend the Parade when I do. The Love Parade was a large part of the capital's pulse and without it, Berlin will be lessened. I know how much Germans love to party, so I am sure something will take its place, but it probably won't be the same kind of youthful celebration. The Love Parade does need to evolve as tastes change, that could be the saving of it, but only if the organizers will make those changes. I certainly hope that they do, if the Love Parade dies, it will be a loss for Berlin. -- Dawn Rae

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