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Mostafa from Morocco

Mostafa has fallen in love with the German language and is making progress with DW.

First name: Mostafa
Country: Morocco
Year of birth: 1971

First thing in the morning, I think about planning for the day, the tasks I have to accomplish and the goals I would like to reach.

With DW I associate objectivity, truth and being up to date.

My first experience with DW was in the year 1987 when I was a German student in high school. I listened to DW's broadcasts at night, although I only understood two to five percent of them. But since I had fallen in love with the German language, it was great fun for me.

I am very interested in topics, such as Germany, culture, politics, economics, science and the environment.

I use DW via TV and Internet.

This year I am thinking a lot about DW's intensive educational offerings. I am learning German with DW.

My wishes for the future are more interest in the Arab and Muslim world.

Sent by: Mostafa from Marocco
Edited by: Jeanette Müller