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More than words: Making resolutions means setting goals

Rabi Sankar, president of the New Horizon Radio Listener's Club from Bomnagar in India, wants to raise the awareness of young people for the dangers of drugs.

Youths play soccer near the India Gate in New Delhi, India (AP Photo/Eranga Jayawardena)

Youths play soccer near the India Gate in New Delhi.

2012 is now past. And it is true we do not live in the past. It’s better to decide our new resolutions for 8,760 hours and 525, 600 minutes, not for a single day but for 365 days. It is said resolutions are meant to be broken, yet we made resolutions. And I know resolutions help us to achieve our goals.

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Founder of the New Horizon Radio Listeners' Club: Rabi Sankar from Bomnagar.

Last year, I decided to organize a blood donation camp and use it as a platform to spread the news of DW broadcasting in remote parts of our district. And we did it. Now so many listeners and Internet users of our district log on to DW and “discover Germany”. Here lies our success.

I know “miles to go before I sleep”. Hence, I don’t want to break my resolutions. So, along with our club members I have made a few resolutions to be fulfilled in the year 2013.

First, our main goal is to make our common folk aware about shortwave broadcasting or Internet broadcasting, whether it be DW or CRI (China Radio International). To achieve this goal, we are again going to organize a blood donation camp in the name of our favorite “My DW” at our own cost on April 7, 2013. And I think such type of social work not only give us heavenly bliss but also will be the pride of My DW also.

My next resolution is to make an awareness campaign for the welfare of young poor students in our area who are getting addicted to drugs. Now-a-days it is a pitiable picture. Most of the poor students are getting habituated to inhale the odor of “Dendrite”, which is one kind of adhesive. It is highly toxic. They also take cough syrup. When taking it, they feel drowsiness just like opium. Both these two items are cheap for our students for intoxicating themselves. We want to get rid of these fatal habits this year with the help our radio club. And I need also your help in this regard.

I know the colors and celebrations of the New Year will be faded away very soon. But I fervently believe that the determination of my resolutions will not be faded away in the dry wash of words. To quote Robert Frost I want to say “And miles to go before I sleep”.

Sent by: Rabi Sankar, president of the New Horizon Radio Listener's Club from Bomnagar/India
Edited by: Mona-Maryam Emamzadeh

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