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More than 200 artists to perform at the International Africa Festival

Würzburg is hosting a celebration of African art, music and culture. The 27th Africa festival focuses on Zanzibar and the east coast of Africa.

Zanzibar - is there a more exotic-sounding place in the world? The archipelago is often referred to as the "spice island" and the gateway to Africa. It's also home to a lively arts scene as well as spectacular landscapes.

Now in its 27th edition, the annual festival held in Würzburg takes audiences on a journey to Africa and has helped raise the profile of musicians such as Minyeshu from Ethiopia and Lira from South Africa.

Musical journey through an entire continent

More than 200 artists will be performing music from their homelands, including a number of superstars. Moroccan singer Oum and German jazz legend Klaus Doldinger promise to be highlights.

The festival was founded in1989 and is now one of the leading festivals of African music and culture in Europe.

so / ds (dpa, africafestival.org)