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Made in Germany

Monika Jones

Monika Jones has seen the business world from all angles.

After a childhood spent accompanying her father on business trips, she now works as one of Germany's leading presenters and moderators of international business conferences.

Monika's studies took her throughout Europe, from her home town of Augsburg all the way to Avignon, France and London, Great Britian where she met her husband.

She holds a deep passion for the arts, in particular theatre, film, and opera. Monika loves good food, especially Italian and Indian cuisine, and as a full-blooded Bavarian by birth, she enjoys nothing more than a foaming glass of cool beer after a long bike tour in the mountains!

Equally at home in both English and German, Monika has used her bilingual capabilities extensively as a translator.

Whenever her schedule allows it, Monika of course enjoys to surf the web.
A favourite site of hers is www.wetteronline.de. Wherever her presenting assignments take her in the world, with the help of this site she can discover exactly what the weather will be. Another favourite site is www.lanzalegend.com - a great website dedicated to a wonderful artist with a great, great voice.