Mission Berlin 26 – Time Trial | Mission Berlin - Episodes | DW | 17.06.2008
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Mission Berlin - Episodes

Mission Berlin 26 – Time Trial

Once she reaches 2006, Anna tells Paul they have to jam the machine. But they need a code. Anna follows the music and then the woman in red arrives. Will "die Chefin" stop Anna, who is so close to reaching her goal?

Can Anna evade the Woman in Red?

Can Anna evade the Woman in Red?

Anna is back in 2006 and shows Paul the rusty key that is supposed to jam ... blockieren ... the machine. But the machine needs a code. Anna tries the notes contained in DACHFEG's name. Then the woman in red appears and demands the key but Anna sticks it in the machine and enters the code. Will the woman in red stop the destruction of the machine? Or will she, like the machine, become history?

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