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Mission Berlin - Episodes

Mission Berlin 22 – Keep on Moving

Anna is taken to 1989 and arrives in a city going wild over the fall of the wall. She needs to move through the crowds to get hold of the hidden metal case. Will she make it?

Now Anna has to hurry up

Now Anna has to hurry up

Just as Anna is about to leave for 1989, the bikers appear. The woman in red tells her gang it is imperative that they find ... finden ... Anna. And she wants Anna alive ... lebendig. Anna gets into the time machine and goes back to Berlin in 1989 just as the city is going wild over the fall of the wall. But she's at the Brandenburg Gate where everyone's partying and she has to get to Bernauer Straße. With 30 minutes to go, can she move quickly enough through the crowd of millions in a once divided city?

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