Mission Berlin 09 – Missing Links | Mission Berlin - Episodes | DW | 17.06.2008
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Mission Berlin - Episodes

Mission Berlin 09 – Missing Links

Anna escapes from the Variety Theatre but the woman in red catches up with her at Paul Winkler's shop. She gets away again thanks to Heidrun Drei. Anna has one piece of the puzzle. How can she get the other?

Anna escapes through the back door

Anna escapes through the back door

Ogur has tipped off Anna about the RATAVA time bandits. Back at the clock shop, Paul Winkler shows her the repaired music box. It plays a tune called "Nostalgie" by Friedrich August Dachfeg. "It's our tune", says Paul to Anna but she doesn't get it. Suddenly the lady in red shows up and opens fire. But Heidrun Drei arrives and gets into a scuffle with the woman in red to help Paul – and Anna – escape. Anna has two dates to go on: August 13, 1961 and November 9. But what year?

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