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Mission Berlin - Episodes

Mission Berlin 07 – The Unknown Enemies

Anna eludes the motorcycle gang by slipping into a Variety Theatre. There she meets Heidrun again and Inspector Ogur tells her that RATAVA is after her. That makes two enemies. But why do they want her?

Anna runs away from the sinister motorbikers

Anna runs away from the sinister motorbikers

The player tells Anna to return to Paul Winkler's shop to get the music box back. On her way there she has to dodge the motorcycle gang by going into a Variety Theatre where she bumps into Heidrun Drei again. Inspector Ogur arrives to quiz Heidrun Drei about Anna's whereabouts. He senses that Anna is hiding in the theatre and warns her that RATAVA is on her trail. Then the woman in red arrives. What does she want from Anna?

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