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Migration and push factors – can the private sector make a difference in development?

Tuesday, June 14 / Room Bonn / 2.30 p.m.

Millions of people around the globe must leave their homes for different reasons. Among those reasons are poor economic conditions: people living in refugee camps usually have no way to earn a living; subsistence economies are very often fragile; jobs and career prospects are becoming increasingly frustrating even in developed economies and especially for young people.

Many development aid programs aim to improve these circumstances but despite all efforts, the situation only grows worse. Direct collaboration with the private sector could be one way of making such aid programs more effective with regard to income generation and career possibilities.

The objective of the session is to discuss the impact, along with the advantages and drawbacks, of such collaboration. In this interactive World Café session, we will identify and formulate ideas with the audience on how private companies and the development aid sector should collaborate in order to reduce the push factors for migration.

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