Michael Dell: ″I’d Say Europe Has Held up Pretty Well″ | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 28.01.2009
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Michael Dell: "I’d Say Europe Has Held up Pretty Well"

The CEO of Dell Computer, Michael Dell, is in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Deutsche Welle's Michael Knigge caught up with him at the conference.

Dell Chairman of the Board and CEO Michael Dell

Dell Chairman of the Board and CEO Michael Dell

DW-WORLD.DE: What do you expect from this World Economic Forum?

Michael Dell: We have all come here with great interest to hear what the central bankers have to say, what other world leaders have to say about the financial situation and how the major economies of the world navigate out of the current crisis.

Do you feel that this year’s World Economic Forum is special in a way from all the other economic forums?

I think I had that question every time I came so yes, everyone is special.

Let’s talk about the global economic crisis. How does it affect your business and how do you see it go forward?

Dell is a company with an exceptionally strong balance sheet and so it gives us an opportunity to use that really as a weapon to consolidate the industry and grow by acquisitions. So we are acquiring a few companies, but also make sure that we retain that strength that we have and that we continue to serve our customers really really well during this challenging time.

Coming from Europe, how does Europe fare right now compared to other regions of the world like the U.S. or Asia ?

I’d say Europe has held up pretty well, comparatively speaking. Some of the new Europe hasn’t held up quite as well as the old Europe , if I can say that. But I’d say it has held up pretty well.

I have to ask you a question about President Obama, who has been in office now for less than two weeks. He took some pretty big steps right from the start. How do you rate him so far in his first days with the new administration?

I think it provides a lot of encouragement and hope to Americans and maybe around the world. It’s a bit early to give a lot of ratings.

What do you expect from his economic team which has been called a dream team? Tim Geithner has now also been confirmed.

I know Larry Summers. I think they are talented individuals, a good team.

America ’s image in the world has suffered so much in the last years and the expectations for Obama are really high. Do you think America’s image can go up again with new administration?

Well, it seems like it would be fairly easy to improve. I think Brand America has already improved based on the Obama election. Now the administration and the country have to deliver.

If you could have one wish for Obama, one thing you would really like him to do, what would that be?

Well, I see him next week and I’ll tell him.

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