Media Training: a new look | Training | DW | 14.10.2015
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Media Training: a new look

Our redesigned website features information about our training, coaching and spokesperson courses. There you'll find details about workshops, reviews from participants and news about our projects around the globe.

The range of training offered by DW Akademie, Germany's leading provider of international media training, has grown steadily over the past ten years. Today we offer training for skilled professionals and executives from organizations, associations and companies on a wide variety of topics. Those include training on giving interviews and statements to the press, crisis communication, consulting for press offices and officials, mobile reporting, and workshops for prospective TV moderators and hosts. The full spectrum of what we offer can now be seen at a glance on our completely redesigned website.

In what countries do we offering media training? How are our workshops structured and what kind of training is right for whom? How do our long-term projects contribute to greater transparency in countries in transition? We've put together a wealth of information regarding all three areas of our media training offering: Workshops and Coaching, International Communications Consulting and Journalism Training. In addition, we present comprehensive reports on our workshops and projects as well as reviews from past participants and a closer look on the many other facets of our work. Our FAQ gives you quick answers to questions about our training and tells you how to sign up for yourself or your group.

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