Manfred Spitzer, Neuroscientist | guest list | DW | 14.02.2014
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guest list

Manfred Spitzer, Neuroscientist

Manfred Spitzer is one of the best-known brain researchers in Germany. His recent book “Digital Dementia" unleashed a heated debate about the adverse effects of Internet use.

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Manfred Spitzer, Neuroscientist

On ‘Talking Germany’ Manfred Spitzer discusses why too much screen time is dumbing down society; why he doesn’t watch TV and why it’s worth keeping the brain active as we get older.

Manfred Spitzer was born in Darmstadt in 1958. He studied medicine, philosophy and psychology in Freiburg, paying his way by performing as a musician. After sojourns in the US and Heidelberg, he was made professor of psychology at the University of Ulm in 1997. A prolific writer, he’s now one of the best-known neuroscientists in Germany. A father of six, he still loves music and plays a range of instruments, including jazz trumpet.

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