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Major German rock festival to move

The well-attended Rock am Ring fest will take place this June for the last time in its current form. Next year, the event - headlined this year by Pearl Jam and Iron Maiden, among others - will move to Mönchengladbach.

After nearly 30 years, the popular open air rock festival Rock am Ring will no longer exist in its current form. The event's organizer, Marek Lieberberg, announced the new operators of the festival venue located between Cologne and Frankfurt are demanding a greater share of the profits. Lieberberg said the model they sought wouldn't be financially viable, and the contract was cancelled.

Instead, Lieberberg wants to stage the festival in the future at a former military base in Mönchengladbach - a venue he says he has long been considering. He viewed the former NATO headquarters at Rheindahlen, which now stands empty, months ago. "It's a one of a kind setting," he said.

The Capricorn automotive company, the new operator of the famed Nürburgring race track and previous festival venue, is planning a new festival with different organizers.

cp/gsw (dpa)

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