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Lufthansa strike: For and against

The latest strike by Lufthansa pilots has seen hundreds of thousands of travelers affected by large-scale cancellations, as pilots fight for a 20-percent pay hike over five years. Here's what our readers think about it:

Against the strike

"A strike to this extent will harm people and small businesses in a way that's just not fair. Not only did my company (a small agency) suffer from loss of business due to our absence. They also had to dedicate resources to get us back home because of the terrible communications Lufthansa provided."

In favor

"I myself am a pilot with a European LCC. I have flown professionally for over 20 years in various companies on various continents. All I can say is that I fully support the pilots striking. What most people do not know, and what the media never reports are the declining terms and conditions of most airlines. We are working longer and more often than before because there is a lack of suitable and qualified pilots. I should know; I train them. Think of the pilot's salary not so much as income but as rainy day insurance. I know too many pilots with crippling debts due to high training costs that quite frankly scare me."

Deutschland Lufthansa Symbolbild Streik (Reuters/K. Pfaffenbach)

It's the pilots' 14th strike during the current round of collective bargaining


"What is the problem? Vote with your euros - do not fly Lufthansa and that's it... I am not flying it; let it go bankrupt!"

In favor

Sure, those who suffer most are the Lufthansa clients, the air passengers. But then: Why should just employees show some kind of social consciousness, even show they feel responsible for the overall well-being of the company? Have executives and board members done that all the time? Hardly!"


"Whenever I can, I always fly Lufthansa. It's the best airline. I hope these pilots won't destroy the hand that feeds them. I appreciate their hard work, but in this competitive market, they have to be realistic and protect the company they work for and not lead it to bankruptcy."


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