Lufthansa Extends its Service to Iran | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 05.04.2004
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Lufthansa Extends its Service to Iran

Lufthansa Airlines announced that it is extending its weekly return flights to Iran from seven to ten by adding a Tehran-Munich route, according to a statement by the airline's vice-president for sales and services in Southeast Europe, Africa, and Middle East. Talking in a press conference, Joachim Steinbach said, “In addition to seven flights to Frankfurt, the national carrier has added three weekly flights to Munich, the capital of Bavaria in southern Germany, as of April 1. This is more than just adding flights. This means a 50 percent capacity growth.” Referring to great potentials in Iran, Steinbach added, “The newly-run Terminal 2 of Munich airport with a minimum connecting time of 30 minutes will link Iranian passengers even faster with the world. The terminal, which doubles the passengers’ capacity of the Munich airport on 50 million is a joint project implemented by Munich airport and Lufthansa, the first of its kind in Europe.” The airline also inaugurated a Lufthansa City Center in Tehran on Friday.