Lufthansa Cuts Additional Flights as Strike Continues | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 31.07.2008
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Lufthansa Cuts Additional Flights as Strike Continues

Lufthansa cancelled 10 percent of its scheduled flights Thursday, July 31 as a pay strike by ground and cabin staff at airports across Germany went into its fourth day.

Passengers stand before a Lufthansa ticketing counter

One out of 10 Lufthansa flights is being cancelled

The airline, Germany's largest, said 136 flights were being cut through the course of the day, including long-haul intercontinental flights.

On Wednesday, Lufthansa cancelled 12 long-haul and 70 short-haul flights, largely because aircraft had not undergone required maintenance checks and were unable to take off. Four long-haul trips to US destinations and two flights to India and Dubai have been grounded.

Disagreement over money

Services trade union Verdi is demanding 9.8 percent more pay over a 12-month contract for 50,000 workers. Lufthansa has offered 6.7 percent over a 21-month contract, plus a one-time payment.

Both sides have called for talks over wages to resume, but Lufthansa officials would not comment on whether the company is considering a new offer.

The services union Verdi said about 5,000 workers had joined the strike. Verdi has warned that Lufthansa will face serious economic consequences if the strike drags on much longer.

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