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Loud Hum of Daily Life Too Much for Many

Speaking on the International Day of Noise Awareness, Germany's state secretary for the environment, Margareta Wolf, said that more than two-thirds of Germans are bothered by all the noise pollution made by traffic. Whether it be from the constant flow of commuter trains whizzing by or frustrated drivers honking in traffic, every sixth German suffers from a constant barrage of noise at decibel level 65 -- and that's just the average level. When that figure gets higher, it can lead to serious health consequences. Researchers have found that the risk of heart-attack goes up 20 percent when decibel levels kick up over 65. Germany is currently revising its laws to bring the country in line with new European Union noise protection regulations. The laws aim to reduce noise pollution by promoting quieter cars, motorcycles and tires as well as muting the noise orchestra created by loud planes and trains.

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