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Fish and Seafood

Loctudy-langoustine with Colonnata bacon, chestnut crisps and mustard leaves

Delicious Meal!


East of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris in the suavest part of the 17th arrondissement, you'll find the Restaurant Agapé. Bertrand Grébaut is head chef there. He's part of a new generation in the gastro-scene: young and inspired, he and his team cook quality dishes at affordable prices. The 27-year old believes that the details make the difference.


Loctudy-langoustine with Colonnata bacon, chestnut crisps and mustard leaves

For 6 people:

30 langoustines

100g cooked chestnuts

50g mustard leaves (or rocket)

30 thin slices of colonnata bacon (or other high-quality bacon)

1 lemon

olive oil

1tbs butter

Fleur de Sel

Ground pepper

Extract the scampi meat from the shell, keeping the tails whole. Carefully remove the gut.

Chop the chestnuts into small slices. Roast them until golden-brown in a pan with frothed butter. Use paper towels to absorb the excess fat off the chips.

Roast the langoustines on their backs for 2 minutes in olive oil over a high flame. After one minute, add a tea spoon of butter to coat the langoustines.

Immediately cover the mustard leaves in olive oil and lemon juice.

Lay the langoustines in the centre of the plate and add a piece of bacon to each.

Decorate the plate with the chestnut chips and mustard leaves.

29.01.2009 DW-TV euromaxx a la carte Bertrand Grébaut

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