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Local news, global affairs – Playing by the old rules will not work in the new paradigm

Hosted by Ashoka
Tuesday, June 23 / Room D

We live in a truly historical moment. Our world, long characterized by efficiency in repetition, is now defined by change. Technology has lowered barriers to participation, making it possible for everyone to access information and to contribute more fully. This level of individual empowerment means that the speed of change is accelerating at a much faster rate relative to our once hierarchical, one-leader-at-a-time past. In order to navigate and lead in this changing environment, everyone must be a changemaker.

This is more relevant than ever in a rapidly evolving media sector. Today, local changemakers no longer stand passively on the sidelines as news happens. People around the world are contributing to the story of change. They share local media coverage, which affects how foreign policy and global affairs are conceived. Ashoka Fellows (leading social entrepreneurs) and other media innovators are designing and deploying disruptive communication architecture, in which everyone contributes to free and open communication in this new paradigm.

These innovators are bringing to light issues and stories that are frequently neglected by traditional media, which are still playing by the old rules. However, working in a media sector in which everyone can play a part brings with it certain challenges. Ouestafnews, for example, is an alternative news outlet addressing these challenges with fact-checked, fact-based, and reputable news.

Today, the game has changed. Playing by the old rules will not work in the new paradigm.

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