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Litang from China

Two separated German states, the reunification, a media-friendly world and DW. Do they all have something in common? Sure – Litang clues us in.

First name: Litang
City / Country: Shanghai / P.R. China
Year of birth: 1964
Occupation: Educator, University/College English/Chinese Instructor

I use DW because I am interested in learning about the role Germany has to play in unifying once two separate countries (East and West Germany) and the German perspective on world events and issues.

I am interested in topics of German culture and technological inventions and innovations from Germany.

What I especially like about DW is that DW has been very active and innovative in maintaining a high profile on the increasingly convergent media, in DRM on the
conventional HF spectrum, on the Internet in various program delivery packages
via mobile platforms like J2ME, Symbian, iPhone and Android apps as well as traditional mail packages.

My first experience with DW was following developments of German unification on my SONY ICF-2001D and SONY ICF-7600GR receivers, both as a regular world band radio listener and DW's technical monitor.

My wish for the future is to contribute to building a media-friendly brave new world that truly promotes well-being and intercultural understanding among people, facilitates and fosters learning and cognitive development in media consumers.

Sent by: Litang from China
Edited by: Jeanette Müller