Listen: Two fabulous musicians named Widmann at the Beethovenfest | Music | DW | 02.10.2015
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Listen: Two fabulous musicians named Widmann at the Beethovenfest

Celebrated composer Jörg Widmann features in this audio stream, playing clarinet and delivering a murderously difficult piece for his violinist sister Carolin to play. She proves up to the task.

Jörg Widmann. Photo: Andreas Gebert/dpa pixel

Jörg Widmann

Jörg and Carolin Widmann are joined here by Dénes Várjon, a pianist from Hungary. Old music and new, performed at the Beethoven House chamber music hall in Bonn. And if you've ever wondered how far virtuosity can go, listen into Widmann's violin etudes, especially the third one.

Igor Stravinsky:
Suite from L’histoire du soldat (A Soldier's History)

Robert Schumann:
Three fantasy pieces for clarinet and piano, op. 73

Jörg Widmann:
Etudes Nos. 1 to 3 for solo violin

Five fragments for clarinet and piano

Robert Schumann:
Sonata No. 1 in A Minor for violin and piano, op. 105

Carolin Widmann. Photo: dpa - Bildfunk

Carolin Widmann

Béla Bartók:
Contrasts for violin, clarinet and piano, Sz 111

with Carolin Widmann, violin
Jörg Widmann, clarinet
Dénes Várjon, piano

Recorded by Deutsche Welle, Bonn (DW) in the Beethoven House, Bonn on September 21, 2015